Phenomenon | The U.S., our struggle for fulfillment, and Harry Potter

In the United States, the demand for a better work-life balance has been a growing phenomenon. Inevitably, this implies that, for Americans, the “work” life is separate from the, er, rest of? life. We’re getting more flexible, sure: working from home, logging more hours earlier in the week to take off early on Friday, PTO instead of… Read More Phenomenon | The U.S., our struggle for fulfillment, and Harry Potter

The GRE | 3 reasons to why you should question the hurdle before you jump it

I am currently, against every rational and critical-thinking neuron in my brain, studying for the GRE. Simply put, the purpose of taking the General Revised Exam is to demonstrate your general knowledge and competency for entering a graduate school program in the United States. However, you will find that the continual GRE score requirement by American school admissions proves… Read More The GRE | 3 reasons to why you should question the hurdle before you jump it

Post-Fulbright | Paying it Forward (to Brazil)

Technically, my Fulbright grant was from March 2, 2015 – November 24th, 2015. But as it turns out, my duties aren’t over. The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is (as described on the website): The program facilitates cultural exchange through direct interaction on an individual basis in the classroom, field, home, and in routine tasks, allowing… Read More Post-Fulbright | Paying it Forward (to Brazil)

40 Ways to be Obviously Non-Brazilian

I’ve been living in southern Brazil for 9 months now. It probably goes without saying that I have almost constantly stood out as someone who is very clearly not Brazilian (otherwise known as a gringo or a gringa in Portuguese), but perhaps you’d be interested to learn a few of the unanticipated ways I’ve confessed my gringa-ness this year. Here are… Read More 40 Ways to be Obviously Non-Brazilian

Fulbright | What Makes Us American?

Last night I gave the last lecture of the ETA palestra series for the second semester. We offered a total of 8 lectures throughout the year for the community, typically attracting Inglês Sem Fronteiras or university students. The intention behind these lectures was to provide an opportunity for Brazilians to practice their English listening skills in a lecture hall… Read More Fulbright | What Makes Us American?

Soccer “professor” for girls in southern Brazil

By Kelsey Kennedy Despite still nurturing its hangover from last year’s World Cup loss to Germany in the semifinals, Brazil still proudly boasts its title as the country of soccer. Well, more accurately, the country of men’s soccer. As of FIFA’s latest census in 2007, Brazil came in third for total number of registered male players, trailing just behind Germany… Read More Soccer “professor” for girls in southern Brazil

Language | Making Brazilian Memories

A couple weeks ago I noticed something: people aren’t repeating themselves as often as they used to. Then I realized, that’s because I’m not asking as many repetitive questions.  Asking questions as basic as Where were you? or Who were you with? 15 minutes into a conversation may seem downright ridiculous, but considering that the average number of words per… Read More Language | Making Brazilian Memories